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Fri Dec 15

How To Watch Karjakin vs Nakamura Saturday: Speed Chess Champs
Chess [CHESS]
Who will face Magnus Carlsen in the finals of the 2017 Speed Chess Championship? Two of the worlds best players face off Saturday for that privilege as the 2016 world championship challenger Sergey Karjakin will take on the online che... [...]

Sat Dec 16

Eighty percent of success is showing up
Chessexpress [PERCENT]
The 2017 ACT Rapidplay Championship was held today, and it attracted a strong field of 32 players. At the end of 7 rounds, FM Michael Kethro and IM Andrew Brown tied for first place on 6/7. However, IM Brown did create a little bit of a handicap for himself, by turning up late for the first round, and starting with a half point bye (NB He wasnt the only one, with Canberra Christmas parking being the likely cause). As a result he was playing catchup for the first half of the event, until he beat [...]

Fri Dec 15

English, Flank
Chesspublishing [FLANK]
Positional squeezes and crushing mating attacks! [...]

Thu Dec 14

Dragon Sicilians
Chesspublishing [DRAGON]
Classic hot off the press Dragons! [...]

Thu Dec 14

Peter Svidler and Aleksandra Goryachkina are 2017 Russian Champions
The Superfinals of 70th Russian men's championship and 67th Russian women's championship took place on December 2-14 at the State Museum of Political History of Russia (2-4, Kuybysheva St., Saint Petersburg). In the open event, Peter Svidler and Nikita Vitiugov scored 7 points out of 11 and had to play a tie-break for the 1st [...]

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