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    1. European Youth Rapid & Blitz Championship 2018
      Fri Feb 16 00:48:24 2018
      European Chess Union ECU and Romanian Chess Federation have the honour to invite all European Chess Federations affiliated to ECU to participate in the 18th European Youth Rapid &38; Blitz U-8,10,12,14,16,18 Championship which will be held from 31[...]
    2. 2018 ACT Blitz Championship
      Tue Jan 30 06:33:00 2018
      Willis Lo has continued his recent run of good form, winning the 2018 ACT Blitz Championship this evening. He scored 8.59 conceding just one draw, to FM Michael Kethro. Kethro finished in second place on 7.5, just ahead of IM Andrew Brown on 7. The [...]
    3. European ACP Women Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2018
      Tue Jan 9 12:01:50 2018
      European ACP Women Rapid &38; Blitz Chess Championships 2018 will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, from 29th March- 2nd April. The European Womens Rapid and Blitz Championships are open to all players representing the Chess Federations, members of t[...]
    4. Komodo is 2017 TCEC Blitz Champion
      Sat Dec 30 07:46:05 2017
      Three champions in the three different time controls[...]
    5. World Blitz Chess 2017 LIVE!
      Fri Dec 29 03:42:01 2017
      Live video from the World Blitz Championship[...]
    6. 2017 World Rapid and Blitz Championship
      Fri Dec 22 14:32:00 2017
      The 2017 World Rapid and Blitz Championship begins tomorrow in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At this stage Im not sure who is playing or allowed to play as the tournament website is pretty light on detail. Of course this is of some interest as there was [...]
    7. Secrets Of A Blitz Master
      Wed Dec 20 14:53:11 2017
      Winning in blitz, yeah... its that important. Our next compilation is brought to you by GM Maxim Dlugy. Theres an art to be being a blitz master, but theres also a secret. This series unveils the strategy and technique behind a prominent blitz ...[...]
    8. GM Blitz Battles
      Wed Dec 20 14:03:00 2017
      Chess fanatics dream about our famous GM Blitz Battles. These exciting, fast paced showdowns include commentary from the pros to analyze every variation. Watch as some of the worlds greatest blitz players go head to head for the ultimate bragging...[...]
    9. Maksim Vavulin and Sergei Zhigalko winners of European Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships
      Mon Dec 18 10:15:18 2017
      The final European event for 2017, European Rapid &038; Blitz Chess Championships, concluded yesterday in Katowice, Poland. Spodek Sport and Entertainment Centre, as the official playing venue, hosted both Championships. The blitz event gathered 1[...]
    10. European Rapid & Blitz Chess Championship 2017 starts
      Wed Dec 13 10:59:23 2017
      Everything is set for the European Rapid &38; Blitz Chess Championship for 2017 which starts tomorrow in Spodek Sport and Entertainment Centre, in city of Katowice, Poland. The first on the schedule is European Blitz Chess Championship which will [...]

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