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    1. TCEC Premier Division the strongest computer chess event in history
      Tue Feb 13 04:11:14 2018
      Participants and information[...]
    2. The First Computer Chess Championship in the USA
      Tue Sep 19 19:37:39 2017
           For nearly 20 years computers have dominated chess.  These advanced devises not only defeat the best players, but have become indispensable as training tools, analyzing partners and always-ready opponents.    &...[...]
    3. Announces Computer Chess Championship
      Wed Sep 13 13:28:00 2017
      The worlds strongest computer engines will compete in a first-of-its-kind speed chess tournament on this November, the site announced today. As computer engines have claimed the undisputed title as the best chess-playing entities on e...[...]
    4. Why Computers Are Having Such a Hard Time With This Deceptively Simple Chess Puzzle
      Fri Sep 1 11:25:00 2017
      A popular chess problem known as the Queens Puzzle has captivated mathematicians and computer scientists for years, yet no one has been able to write a computer program that can solve the conundrum quickly and efficiently. Researchers from the UK [...]
    5. Should We Trust Computers?
      Sun Aug 6 02:09:37 2017
      The question whether to trust computers might sound pointless since we really have no choice in the modern world. Think about it: if a computer of one of the nuclear superpowers goes berserk, then it can potentially end humankind as we know it. Si...[...]
    6. The World Computer Championships: A History
      Fri Jul 7 20:27:34 2017
      Editors note: David Levy is the president of the International Computer Games Association.  The history of chess programs competing in tournaments is exactly 50 years old. In February 1967 the program MacHack VI, developed at MIT pr...[...]
    7. Play Chess Against a Computer and See What Its Thinking
      Wed Jun 8 05:15:00 2016
      Few of us are 18-year-old Go world champions , but all of us can play chess against an AI program that a href="http:www.bewitched.comchess" target="_blank"[...]
    8. A Wall-Mounted Computer Chess Game Is Playable Art
      Wed May 14 09:27:00 2014
      Staring at the Mona Lisa provides a few minutes of enjoyment and contemplation, but were the famous portrait on the wall of your living room, you&39;d soon find yourself wishing she did more than just sit there and smirk. Maybe that&39;s [...]
    9. Fifteen Years Ago Today, a Computer Became the Worlds Best Chess Player
      Fri May 11 07:34:23 2012
      On this day in 1997, Garry Kasparov sat down to his final day of chess with IBM&39;s Deep Blue. It didn&39;t go well, and eventually the computer won, beating the expert on the final day of a six-game competition. The result changed the way we th[...]
    10. Computer wins at Japanese Chess against human for the first time
      Wed Oct 13 16:19:00 2010
      The humans vs. computers battle just got a little more complicated, if youre keeping score. The Mainichi Daily News is reporting that for the first time ever, a computer has beaten a human Shogi champion, Ichiyo Shimizu, in a hre[...]

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