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    1. Why Was Kasparov Deep Thinking?
      Sat Aug 26 02:02:25 2017
      Challenge yourselves and you will challenge the world. —Garry Kasparov, "Deep Thinking" In last weeks article we stated the obvious fact that the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament was effectively ruined for Kasparov by his ext...[...]
    2. Deep Sengupta wins Hastings Masters
      Sat Jan 7 23:46:52 2017
      The traditional Hastings International Chess Congress took place from 28th December 2016 to 5th January 2017 at the Horntye Sports Centre in Hastings, UK. The Congress consisted of seven tournaments and the main event was Hastings Masters with 99 par[...]
    3. Remembering Deep Blues Surprising Chess Triumph Over A World Champion
      Tue Feb 10 20:00:00 2015
      Nineteen years ago today, IBM&39;s Deep Blue computer made history by defeating reigning world chess champ Garry Kasparov. Read more... [...]
    4. IBM celebrates the 15th anniversary of Deep Blue beating Garry Kasparov video
      Fri May 11 12:24:00 2012
      Its been 15 years since IBMs Deep Blue recorded its famous May 11th 1997 victory over world champion a href="http:www.eng[...]
    5. My hero speaks. Sadly enough, a bit disheartening. Because deep down inside, i know that hes right.
      Sat Nov 4 22:05:00 2006
      What you are about to read is an excerpt taken from a radio interview with Bobby Fischer on a private talk radio station in Iceland. The original recording of the interview, in which Fischer discusses other things as well, can be heard here as lon[...]

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