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    1. Vladimir Kramnik nominated for FIDE Candidates Tournament
      Mon Oct 30 03:53:28 2017
      World Chess, the organizer of the 2018 FIDE World Chess Candidates Tournament, nominated GM Vladimir Kramnik Russian Federation as a wildcard choice for the Candidates Tournament that will take place in Berlin, Germany on March 10-28, 2018. World C[...]
    2. The Secret, Sordid Sex Lives Of Chess Pieces Revealed!
      Thu Aug 14 13:20:00 2014
      What happens when the queen chess piece discovers her king watching pawnography? This video reveals what chess pieces get up to during their private time. Read more... [...]
    3. Nakamura Talks Candidates, Sponsorship
      Tue Apr 15 14:49:47 2014
      Hey readers! Just wanted to point out this great interview with Hikaru Nakamura posted over at . Nakamura talks about a variety of topics, from his recent sponsorship deal with Red Bull to the Candidates Tournament and much more. Definite[...]
    4. Anand Wins Candidates With Room to Spare
      Sun Mar 30 14:18:39 2014
      In the end, there wasnt even any drama. Viswanathan Anand sealed his victory in the Candidates Tournament with a round to spare - and to be honest, had virtually assured himself of the crown a few rounds prior to that - cementing a rematch with Magn[...]
    5. Candidates Round 9: Anands Tournament to Lose
      Mon Mar 24 11:37:59 2014
      Heading into the 2014 Candidates Tournament , few observers gave Viswanathan Anand much of a chance to win. Sure, he wasnt discounted entirely, but most figured that it would be Levon Aronian or Vladimir Kramnik or maybe Topalov, perhaps Karjakin.[...]
    6. Candidates Round 5: Anand Holds Lead, But Field Tightens
      Tue Mar 18 09:16:18 2014
      In last years Candidates Tournament, the leaders Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik pulled away from the field relatively early, turning the tournament into an apparent two-man race. It seems unlikely that this will be the case in 2014, as after [...]

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