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    1. 2018 Candidates Tournament
      Sun Feb 11 09:21:33 2018
      The 2018 Candidates Chess Tournament will take place 10-28 March in Berlin. The prize fund will total 420,000, or an estimated 500,000 at the current exchange rate. In addition to 420,000, the prize will also include 10 of the pay-per-view revenu[...]
    2. Peskov: The Trustees Board supports Filatovs candidacy to the office of the RCF President
      Wed Jan 31 07:41:37 2018
      Moscow, 31st January, TASS. The Trustees Board of the Russian CF is supporting the candidacy of Andrey Filatov to the position of the Federation President, the Head of the Board, Press-secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov told to the T[...]
    3. Vladimir Kramnik nominated for FIDE Candidates Tournament
      Mon Oct 30 03:53:28 2017
      World Chess, the organizer of the 2018 FIDE World Chess Candidates Tournament, nominated GM Vladimir Kramnik Russian Federation as a wildcard choice for the Candidates Tournament that will take place in Berlin, Germany on March 10-28, 2018. World C[...]
    4. The Secret, Sordid Sex Lives Of Chess Pieces Revealed!
      Thu Aug 14 13:20:00 2014
      What happens when the queen chess piece discovers her king watching pawnography? This video reveals what chess pieces get up to during their private time. Read more... [...]
    5. Nakamura Talks Candidates, Sponsorship
      Tue Apr 15 14:49:47 2014
      Hey readers! Just wanted to point out this great interview with Hikaru Nakamura posted over at . Nakamura talks about a variety of topics, from his recent sponsorship deal with Red Bull to the Candidates Tournament and much more. Definite[...]
    6. Anand Wins Candidates With Room to Spare
      Sun Mar 30 14:18:39 2014
      In the end, there wasnt even any drama. Viswanathan Anand sealed his victory in the Candidates Tournament with a round to spare - and to be honest, had virtually assured himself of the crown a few rounds prior to that - cementing a rematch with Magn[...]
    7. Candidates Round 9: Anands Tournament to Lose
      Mon Mar 24 11:37:59 2014
      Heading into the 2014 Candidates Tournament , few observers gave Viswanathan Anand much of a chance to win. Sure, he wasnt discounted entirely, but most figured that it would be Levon Aronian or Vladimir Kramnik or maybe Topalov, perhaps Karjakin.[...]
    8. Candidates Round 5: Anand Holds Lead, But Field Tightens
      Tue Mar 18 09:16:18 2014
      In last years Candidates Tournament, the leaders Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik pulled away from the field relatively early, turning the tournament into an apparent two-man race. It seems unlikely that this will be the case in 2014, as after [...]

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