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    1. March: Free group lessons by Grandmasters on Elite Chess Training
      Fri Mar 10 15:45:03 2017
      The new online teaching platform Elite Chess Training is offering free group lessons by top trainers by the end of March. The teachers are world top Grandmasters and FIDE Senior Trainers. Scheduled lessons in English: GM Adrian Mikhalchishin [...]
    2. Karlsson, the Original, Wins Training Tournament
      Thu Oct 22 07:09:14 2015
      GM Ian Rogers writes about the pleasures of chess by train, a tournament which began in 2011. This years edition was won by GM Lars Karlsson, while US GM Julio Sadorra was the top seed. [...]
    3. A Realistic Training Program
      Sun Sep 30 13:10:00 2007
      I have come to the conclusion long ago that the MDLM program sucks as a complete chess training program. However it is a very important part of my training and very usefull for training tactics. Lets make a simple comparison. In all the martial art[...]

    1. Blitz Training

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